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Tim & Anoa at Leola Village Inn

02 Aug 2010, Posted by Farid in Weddings

Every once in a while I’m privileged to be a part of a wedding so cool that I can’t wait to share the images with the everyone else. So far this year that distinction belongs to Tim & Anoa’s wedding at Leola Village, on a hot June summer day. What makes a great wedding? I often say that all it takes is a couple who are madly in love with each other. But when you have that, and a awesome location, and beautiful music (sadly an often overlooked part of a wedding,) you have a rockin’ wedding. Guaranteed.

When I met Anoa for the first time she shared that her fiancee, Tim ( check out his myspace page here, ) is a Jazz musician. Those of you who know me personally probably know I’m a huge Jazz fan, a Jazz keyboardist wannabe at times, but mostly I enjoy listening. The Rippingtons started it all for me 13 years ago and I’ve been listening to Jazz ever since. One of the best night in my life was when me & my wife attended a Rippingtons concert in Harrisburg a couple of years ago for the first time ever. So needless to say when I hear that Tim and most of his groomsmen are accomplished musicians, I was giddy and excited. And nervous.

And the day finally came. It was one day after we had moved to our new home, and needless to say that morning I woke up exhausted. The forecast called for a wicked hot day too. But the day turned out to be the highlight of the year for me and it was such a treat to be able to be a part of this special occasion.

So, without much further ado.. here are the pics!`

I took this one while Anoa was getting ready. The bathroom has this cool little mirror and I caught her reflection on it.. and snapped away.

Meanwhile Tim is getting ready as well.

When Dontae, one of Tim’s groomsmen, started practicing his trumpet, I know this was going to be an awesome day.

Leola Village is an unassuming location right off the main street on Leola. If you don’t know that it’s there you would drive past it. But I can’t say enough how much I love shooting here. It’s simply made for weddings.

Anoa is getting ready to put her dress on..


The next two images are two of my favorites of the day. I just love, love everything about them.

Anoa, you’re beautiful!

I find the moments leading up to the ceremony to be one of my favorite moments of the day. There’s so much emotion packed into that last few minutes. All the preparations, late night work, planning, and everything else the couple do come down to this moment. Suddenly nothing else matters anymore. They just want to get married. It’s beautiful.

Tim’s planning a surprise..



Anoa walked to the building. I love, love, love the next two images. They speak a thousand words.

She entered the room, and smiled.

You must really be there to experience, feel, and be a part of this. I hope these next few images do it a little justice. It was simply beautiful, and I’m not ashamed to say I teared up too just like everybody else.

I was actually holding up real well, kinda, until this man opened his mouth and started singing. And I lost it. Here I was, hired to be a photographer, and was blessed beyond I ever expected.

After the ceremony everyone was ribbing each other about the fact that they all cried.

By this time it was right at mid day, and the sun was scorching in all its glory. As a result I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d like to take pictures but we managed to get some..

The first dance..


Guess what? Tim pulled off another surprise and serenaded Anoa to an awesome, awesome solo. I got chills.

The speech and the dance..


Tim & Anoa, Thank You for allowing me to be a small part of your special day. Let me tell you once again how much it blessed me more than I ever expected. I enjoyed the wonderful music, the laughter shared among loved ones, and the bond that you two shared with each other. I hope that I have done a little justice in capturing your special day, and I wish you both the happiest marriage!

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